Webdesign: Uncanny

Artwork: V4lyum

Police Logo: Jordan Turk

Triangle Logo: Guillaume Bourdon

Live photo: Melissa Aquino


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Uncanny is an independent alt-metal band that focuses on modern society issues. Their mission is to awake its public on the power it owns.


The founders, Etienne Lambert and Vincent Duchesne met at Felix-Leclerc Music Elementary. Summer 2015 they decided to play rock together. Etienne got a drum, Vince a Bass. Three years of jams and a few tryouts later, Martin Richard and Pierre-Luc Scott joined and Uncanny was born. Since then, they’ve been thriving outside the frame.


“We are solution oriented people.” says Vincent. “The first EP is rooted in the vice of the city, but the second is on doubt where the third one is showing the path we choose.”

some thrive outside the frame

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